Friday, July 10, 2015

That periscope thing

It is not unusual for companies to take the name of everyday things and use them for their product. Look at fruits for example there is apple,mango,orange and other plants like cassava etc they are all company names. No wonder this one is simply called periscope. Periscope is an apparatus that includes two mirrors inclined at 45degrees to each other, not this one. You know that company with t and the blue logo that has a site that lets you send 140 character messages to stranger. Yes, twitter. Twitter developed periscope and periscope is an app that let's you broadcast yourself. They call it seeing the world with another person's eyes. Looking at the world through another person's eyes - you never know what you might find. So I was just online like everybody and I discovered everybody was talking about that periscope thing. So I decided to dig in and find out. When I use periscope I'll post about the experience. For now this is the picture of periscope before Twitter decided to disrupt the world.
It looks like this on the submarines.

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