Saturday, July 11, 2015

Periscope: Start your church ministry.

Church is a serious matter. It is not joking sturvs[stuffs]. New churches are springing up everyday in Africa and Latin America. You know the pope is in the news again going to Ecuador and some other countries to create a more "inclusive" church. That is none of my business.

 You know how new technologies create new celebrities e.g falzthebadguy and drcraze of instagram fame and marquez brownlee of youtube, if you are interested in starting a new church you don't need to start from a small building and build your ministry from there. You won't be able to reach as many people as possible like that. Whether your calling is a genuine one is between you and God. My business in this post is to open your eyes to a very good way to kickstart and get the gospel you preach to a large number of people as possible. PERISCOPE. Yes, you read it right - periscope. That app created by a group of folks at twitter that has at least on dog on the development team (I guess the dog just wags its tail and barks at meetings). Back to business. Let us be serious here. Do you really know the number of people that don't go to church just because it is not convenient or because it is not "fashionable". Well I don't have an answer to that but just imagine that there is a group of people in this world that fit perfectly into that category you can reach them by starting a web church service on periscope. I heard some people share videos of themselves playing games. You can give it a try. Start your ministry on periscope, share the time of service begins on twitter with your friends, add a nice graphic or better throw in a vine to call people to watch the service. No one knows.

Yours sincerely. 

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