Monday, December 3, 2012

The stone soup

     The three soldiers returning home from war were hungry. When they saw the village ahead their spirits lifted-they were sure the villagers would give them a meal. But when they got there, they found the doors locked and the windows closed. After many years of war, the villagers were short of food, and hoarded what they had.
    Undeterred, the soldiers boiled a pot of water and carefully placed three stones into it. The amazed villagers came out to watch.
"This is stone soup," the soldiers explained. "Is that all you put in it?" asked the villagers.
"Absolutely—although some say it tastes even better with a few carrots...." A villager ran off, returning in no time with a basket of carrots from his hoard. 
A couple of minutes later, the villagers again asked "Is that it?"

"Well," said the soldiers, "a couple of potatoes give it body."Off ran another villager.

    Over the next hour, the soldiers listed more ingredients that would enhance the soup: beef, leeks, salt, and herbs. Each time a different villager would run off to raid their personal stores.
    Eventually they had produced a large pot of steaming soup. The soldiers removed the stones, and they sat down with the entire village to enjoy the first square meal any of them had eaten in months.

    I am presently reading “The Pragmatic Programmer by Addison-Wesley” and I found this  interesting story. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Church Service(In a very near future!)

With the insurgence of smartphones and rapid growth in technological development seen around anything can happen.Check out this joke I scrambled on:

PASTOR:Praise the Lord.
PASTOR:Can we please turn on out Tablet PCs,iPads,Cellphones,Kindle Fire Bibles to 1 Cor .13:13....!
And please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon...!
PASTOR:Let us pray committing this week into God's hands.Open your WhatsApp,BBM,Twitter and Facebook and chat with God.Come on...
(minutes later)
PASTOR:Please have your credit cards and debit cards ready as we shall now take tithes and offerings.You can log on to the church Wifi using your username and password.If you don't have one subscribe now.Meet with the ushers
(Ushers circulate mobile card swipe machines among the Congregation,Praise by the church choir)

PASTOR:Those who prefer to make electronic fund transfer are directed to computers at the rear of the church and those who prefer to use iPads allowed to flip them open.Those who prefer telephone banking are allowed to take out their cellphones to transfer funds to the church bank account!
The Holy atmosphere is truly electric as cellphones,iPads,PCs and laptops beep and flicker!
SECRETARY;This week's cell meetings shall be held on the various Facebook group pages where the usual group chatting takes place.
Please don't miss out.
Thursday's bible teachings will be held live on Skype at 1900hrs GMT.
Don't miss out.
You can follow the Pastor on twitter for words of admonition,counseling and prayers.
God bless you and have a wonderful week.

Opera 7 vs Ucweb 8.7

 Mathematically, 8.7 is greater than 7 (8.7 >7) but it goes more than just mathematical comparism for me to settle as a consumer that ucweb 8.7 is definitely better than opera 7.
Note that after this Opera will refer to Opera mine 7.0 and Ucweb will refer to Ucweb 8.7.
My argument:
Even though Opera mini 7 has tabbed browser,It is nothing compared to the amazing power experienced with Ucweb 8.7.When you open up to three tabs on Opera it hangs,as if that is not enough,the tabs that have been opened beforehand are closed by Opera.Now come to Ucweb,you get to open up to 14 tabs simultaneously without hassle.There is no loss of content on web pages.

Another plausible feature of Ucweb is the offline download feature(which has been incorporated in earler versions).What this feature does is that it fetches your download to the "ucweb cloud" and you download it.So you get faster downloads.

One other thing is the pause feature.When downloads stop on Opera you have to restart,but when such happens on Ucweb you just hit play and hopefully you get to start your download from where you stopped.

Opera is cool though because sometimes I still find myself going back but for now it is a YES for Ucweb.

N.B This article refers to browsers on java phones(j2me) such as nokia and the likes. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disabling guest feature on ubuntu 12

I just started using Ubuntu 12 and I have been worried about the guest(for security reasons) so I did a bit on research(can't remember the website I pulled this from exactly)

navigate to the TERMINAL and type:
gksudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

(password might be required.)
add the following line


save and exit file
after adding the above line you should see something similar to the following:


finally restart lightdm by typing the following into the terminal

sudo restart lightdm

Friday, August 17, 2012

Best of Ramadan

The best of Ramadan is at its end with killing of ram and a lot of merry.A big shout out to all my muslim friends

Twitter ff back

This seems quite awkward- Is it possible for two people to follow each other at the same time? If that is possible then possibly they will always remain at the same point unless external forces (trends) act on them

Confusion:You and I

I have three chinese friends;Ai,Yu and Mi.Ai is good at maths,Yu is doing Art and Mi is doing French.I said,'I don't understand calculus' (facing Ai) I said,'Will you teach me?'.Ai interjected,'I know calculus' and Yu said,'I can't teach you what I don't know' Mi replied,'Of what use is calculus to me?'

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inye:The number one be sure it is not the ipad but it is the opener of tablet technology by african for the world and runs on andriod operating system-fascinating isn't it?

Monday, July 23, 2012

African Time

African Time-When you receive invitations to occassions or any event whatsoever there is usually a part of the invitation card that reads:'Time:10am prompt' -the time differs depending on the occassion but the word 'prompt' is often ignored I have not seen an occassion in my vicinity start at the slated time.I am not talking of events kicking off minutes after the slated time but hours -long hours.When you ask, you get one general answer,almost a slogan-African time.
This brings me to think that is it really african to be late? Or the virtues and morals of africa allow lateness?
Some even think it is normal,others think it is fashionable,so u can flaunt your attires when people are already seated or just to enjoy the attention you get at that moment you come late.
We have issues that can make us late but please don't absorb this menace into our culture-if that happens we will have sayings like 'Here comes the ever late africans,late as usual'
Time is no longer counted in seconds-milliseconds,computers now count in nanoseconds and you are there waiting for thirty minutes after the commencement of a programme before setting out.
If this continues we stand to gain nothing at all.We lose almost everything.Think of it,we all get tensed up when webpages load slower by seconds,will you visit a site that takes hours to load? Definitely no !! So why are we soiling our credibility and integrity  with sheer laziness.Check yourself  .
'African time' is clearly not African we are not behind the world,we move with the world infact we move it don't slow yourself down if the clock still tocks without turning backs don't get lazy  .

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tungstène:An end to photoshop lies?

Photoshop lies There is a Yoruba saying, 'Ko si iro ninu photo' which means there is no lie in photographs ,the way you pose so you shall show in the photograph.Well that has changed with photoshop,now photos tell lies and lies and lies.There is good new however a program called Tungstène developed at AFP(Agence France Press) by a man called Roger Cozien detects 'photoshoping' or editing in photographs.This program is being exported for use by the police and as we all know when the police gets wise the thieves get wiser this program will be improved from time to time and who knows it might be exported to facebook or some other social network to check authenticity of pictures someday.

Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been thinking of this issue for some time ,the idea sounds great but we all know that for every good idea there is that probability for pitfalls and thumb downs.Any way it comes I'm a fan of the revolution and i wish the Nigerian government a massive acceptance of the programme from Nigerians.

In the Morning.....
(I enter the place .Iya alakara is multi-tasking:frying and selling akara simultaneously)
Me:Akara N100(one hundred naira)
(She wraps the akara in newspaper and hands it over to me)
(I search my pocket and hand to her my ATM card)
IYA ALAKARA :Kini eleyi(What is this ?)
Me:This is ATM card u just put in your POS machine
IYA ALAKARA :Abeegi wetin be all this grammar on top N100(one hundred naira) Akara give me my akara back
(Two hours later my Facebook Status:"Terribly Hungry")
*AKARA is a Yoruba word for Beans-cake
*IYA means mother in Yoruba
* IYA ALAKARA means the woman that sells beans cake

Afternoon.....On my way to Hustle
(I run to catch up with the bus)
Conductor:Enter with your change o
(I check my pocket and i say to my self "Aal Is Well")
Conductor:Oya your money
Conductor:(Turns to me)Oga u neva pay
(I open my wallet and hand over my ATM card to the conductor)
Conductor:Wetin be this
(Don't ask me what happened afterwards)

//So after a rough day I felt like cooling off at the my favourite Suya Spot in town

(Mallam doing his thing ,my eyes caught the sharp edges of his knives,the knives were glimmering and shiny)
Mallam:Oga good evening
Me:Thank you
Mallam:How much suya you want tonight
Me:N500 (five hundred naira suya)
(Mallam packs the suya and hands it over to me,so I sat down there and ruminated over the escapades of the day,Before I knew it the suya was finished so I stood up to leave)
Mallam:Oga you never pay
(I searched my pocket and could only find my ATM card,All I could think of as I slowly handed the ATM card to Mallam is RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*suya-roasted meat

#lagos #cashless banking
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If this was Jamb.......!!!!!

EXAM 2012

 Answer all questions.
 Note:-Calculator or any other electronic devices is not allowed.
Time:-1hr:30mins only.
 1.What is the name of the first Igbo boy that opened shop at Alaba international market?
 (a) Don jazzy (B) Anyim Pius Anyim (c) Gov. Peter Obi

 2.Who addressed herself as a widow while her husband is still alive?
 (a)Jonathan Patience (b) Turai (c) Stella

3.Who Strike pass?
 (a) Boko Haram (B)Thunder (c) ASUU (d)Patience Dame

 4.You can sharpen cutlass on Banky's head
 (a) True (b) false (c) I don't know

 5.What are the names of the two people holding hands when you power-on a Nokia phone?
 (a) Charly Boy and  Denrele (B)Ryan Giggs and John Terry (c) OBJ and IBB

 6.If the past tense of take is took, the past tense of make is
 (a) Mook (B) maked (c) make

 7.I have a dream is to Martin Luther King as I have no shoes is to …..
(a) GEJ (B) IBB (c) OBJ

 8.What is the plural form of GARRI
 (a) garris (B) garried (B) garium

 9.If Adekunle Chukuwma Ciroma Finally Passes WAEC, will she write JAMB next year?
 (a) No (b)Yes (c) That's no business of mine

 10.Which University has the highest no. of babes that travel to Dubai for 2weeks and return with British accent?

11.Name of the decade
(a)Maulag (b)Phcn (c) Airtel

12.Gaint of Africa
(a)South Africa (b)Nigeria (c) Ghana 

13 Which of these is the best project

(a)Nitel (b)Ajaokuta steel rolling 

14A fool at 50 is  (a/an) _____ ______
(a)fool/forever (b)fool/now (c)idiot/now

 Attempt all questions.
 1a.Differentiate between Do or Die and if I don't win the next election their will be blood shed.
 B.If it took GEJ 50years to trek to Aso rock without SHOES,how long will it take if he was putting on
 2a.Using Quadratic Formula,
 calculate the diameter of Banky's head (take♊=3.14)

 B.If your X-Boyfriend or X-girlfriend Wins N100Million Naira In The Glo WINBIG Promo 2 Days After you Broke Up! FIND X! 

 3a.If Ada is a girl, and Obi is a boy, who is Adaobi?

b.What are the surnames of the three statues that welcome you to Lagos? 

Monday, June 18, 2012


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