Monday, July 23, 2012

African Time

African Time-When you receive invitations to occassions or any event whatsoever there is usually a part of the invitation card that reads:'Time:10am prompt' -the time differs depending on the occassion but the word 'prompt' is often ignored I have not seen an occassion in my vicinity start at the slated time.I am not talking of events kicking off minutes after the slated time but hours -long hours.When you ask, you get one general answer,almost a slogan-African time.
This brings me to think that is it really african to be late? Or the virtues and morals of africa allow lateness?
Some even think it is normal,others think it is fashionable,so u can flaunt your attires when people are already seated or just to enjoy the attention you get at that moment you come late.
We have issues that can make us late but please don't absorb this menace into our culture-if that happens we will have sayings like 'Here comes the ever late africans,late as usual'
Time is no longer counted in seconds-milliseconds,computers now count in nanoseconds and you are there waiting for thirty minutes after the commencement of a programme before setting out.
If this continues we stand to gain nothing at all.We lose almost everything.Think of it,we all get tensed up when webpages load slower by seconds,will you visit a site that takes hours to load? Definitely no !! So why are we soiling our credibility and integrity  with sheer laziness.Check yourself  .
'African time' is clearly not African we are not behind the world,we move with the world infact we move it don't slow yourself down if the clock still tocks without turning backs don't get lazy  .

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