Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lucy: 100%

Lucy is a movie directed by Luc Benson and lucy is a girl who used a drug (C.P.H.4) that increased her mental capacity. The movie raised a lot of questions about what will be made possible if we could just use more of our brain. Unrestricted access to  memory (never forgetting a thing). Imagine access to all your memories, all of them.

One more thing of note
If car was moving on a highway looping in and out of view( camera or human eye), if the speed of the car is continously increase, the car will reach a speed where it will seem to disappear.

Einstein's relativity***
If a person speed can go past  the speed of light, the person's image will not form in a mirror(disappearance)

Finally, if you use 100% of your brain you will be everywhere
That's interesting because that implies you turning into a god. Interesting is the word.

***that is not in the movie

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Coke Studio concert in OAU today!

I watched episode 3 of coke studio season 2 last week on nigerzie and I've not blogged about what went down. Fantastic stuff. Dammy Krane, Orezi and Alaga Ibile are coming to OAU today. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A tale of broken touchscreens

Months ago there was a race for touchscreen phones (especially made in china android phones) in nigeria. Everyone was buying touchscreen phones ( I think we are better for it ). These days I see the same phones with the same set of people but something is different now. The screens are broken. When the phone gets a small crack the crack spreads and before you know it you have a perfectly cracked screen instead of a perfectly smooth screen. Look at the bright side though, your phone is now a beautiful work of art. It is no longer the phone you bought that resembles every other phone of the same model. Now you have your own personalized broken touchscreen phone.

To phone manufacturers
I get the idea that you want to make a cheap phone and you have to cut back on some components but make sure you are also making high end phones with better screens.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How I finally rooted my Tecno P3

Just do a quick search for "root tecno p3" the chances are the that you will find a website or blog that simply tells you to download poot and ministro II, remove your memory card bla bla bla. I have tried that many times with no success losing valuable documents in the process.

So have I finally rooted my phone?
Yes, I have. Let's usher in shuame. There is a saying(it is highly probable that I cooked this up), "you don't take ur bmw to the toyota mechanic"

I have tried a lot of root apps in the past:framaroot ,one root,this root that root. All this while I've been looking at the wrong  place. Tecno is a chinese brand, shuame is a chinese app. It kind of makes sense.

Check out shuame here:

Thanks to seyi for introducing shuame to me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My niggas...

My niggas perish because of lack of knowledge.

Just wanted to say that. Testing the google mail2blog feature.If you a reading this, it works.

October 1 Nigeria: Being positive

It is quite easy to be negative about my dear country nigeria at 54. I don't need to rack my brain to list things gone wrong around here.
As an optimist and patriot I will like to enumerate some positive some positvie things.

We are still together:
Against all the odds and insurgenicies, varying petrol price, change in focus of the economy,wars and many nasty things, we are still together

Our spirits are up high
The never die spirit of nigerians is still there and that alone in the face of all our problems is something that makes me marvel.

If you like it or not, nigeria is the largest economy in africa, eclipsing South Africa months ago. At first I couldn't believe it but it is true. Whether that is a result of government effort [niggas will disagree] or a consequence of individual hustle, private sector or the mere size of the nigerian market (120 million + people) that attracts investors I cannot say for sure.

We are rich (some individuals are)
Just check the forbes list. You will find nigerians topping the money list here and there. More than anything this shows that there is so much wealth to generate in nigeria that those that are doing the generating are stinking rich.

***This was first pointed out by an high ranking government official in nigeria. I have sort of put it in perspective

We win cups
This one is funny but we still live up to our name of "Giant of Africa". We simply oppress our african compatriates with our soccer prowess. Damn we are good and we have cups to prove that point.

We still have our national cake
Ehn ehn... national cake
There is no national cake but there is a national cake ( *__ *)
National cake is an imaginary cake just like the north pole, south pole, latitude and longitude, they are imaginary man made elements. Such is the national cake. It is a cake we all know is there but still can't be seen. Call it the "good of the land". Our outrageously overpaid politician are simply having their share of the national cake.Won't  you like to have a bite?
The interesting thing about the cake is it seems never to deplete.

We are diversifying(at last)
Nigeria started out as an agricultural country with the bulk of the economy based on agricultural export of cocoa,palm produce,cotton and other cash crops( I wasn't there but the history books have a tale to tell) The work force consisted of strong, capable, skilled, unskilled and generally vibrant youthful population. There were high hopes for the prospects of the new country. Everyone felt nigeria was going to RULE THE WORLD (we will get there remember the exodus of Isrealites). You will be wondering what happened, well OIL HAPPENED. Someone was quoted saying
"The problem of oil in nigeria was simple, we were not searching for oil, when oil was struck we didn't have to refine it, all we did was get paid"

You see agriculture is hard work but here comes oil and gas where you just get paid, no work.


The good news is that the economy is balancing out, encouraging agriculture, small and medium enterprises etc

It's all  good.

I think there is one negative thing I have to mention though


Happy birthday mother naija

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