Thursday, October 2, 2014

How I finally rooted my Tecno P3

Just do a quick search for "root tecno p3" the chances are the that you will find a website or blog that simply tells you to download poot and ministro II, remove your memory card bla bla bla. I have tried that many times with no success losing valuable documents in the process.

So have I finally rooted my phone?
Yes, I have. Let's usher in shuame. There is a saying(it is highly probable that I cooked this up), "you don't take ur bmw to the toyota mechanic"

I have tried a lot of root apps in the past:framaroot ,one root,this root that root. All this while I've been looking at the wrong  place. Tecno is a chinese brand, shuame is a chinese app. It kind of makes sense.

Check out shuame here:

Thanks to seyi for introducing shuame to me.

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