Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lucy: 100%

Lucy is a movie directed by Luc Benson and lucy is a girl who used a drug (C.P.H.4) that increased her mental capacity. The movie raised a lot of questions about what will be made possible if we could just use more of our brain. Unrestricted access to  memory (never forgetting a thing). Imagine access to all your memories, all of them.

One more thing of note
If car was moving on a highway looping in and out of view( camera or human eye), if the speed of the car is continously increase, the car will reach a speed where it will seem to disappear.

Einstein's relativity***
If a person speed can go past  the speed of light, the person's image will not form in a mirror(disappearance)

Finally, if you use 100% of your brain you will be everywhere
That's interesting because that implies you turning into a god. Interesting is the word.

***that is not in the movie

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