Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When we die what happens to our online accounts?

Someone just died and I sympathize with the family. I pray that God
will console them. Now back to my youthful mindset. Death begs many
questions but here is one more: When we die what happens to our online
accounts? I have not died before, have you? One thing though what is
presently obtainable is that when people die their accounts just
remains like that dormant, inaccessible and dead too. I would like to
will my accounts to someone when I die you see but I don't want them
to have access to the accounts while I'm alive. You could include your
password in your will but the truth is people change their password
over time and that will require you to update your will every time you
change your password. I don't think that it is best practice to write
down your password anywhere. All I know for now is that when I die I
will like to pass down my email account, cloud storage services,
facebook, twitter etc. When we get there. I hope someone will create
such a service. I might just as well create one.

I extend my sincere condolence to the family of Elder David 'Dapo
Abolarin. See you in heaven on that day.

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