Friday, August 17, 2012

Best of Ramadan

The best of Ramadan is at its end with killing of ram and a lot of merry.A big shout out to all my muslim friends

Twitter ff back

This seems quite awkward- Is it possible for two people to follow each other at the same time? If that is possible then possibly they will always remain at the same point unless external forces (trends) act on them

Confusion:You and I

I have three chinese friends;Ai,Yu and Mi.Ai is good at maths,Yu is doing Art and Mi is doing French.I said,'I don't understand calculus' (facing Ai) I said,'Will you teach me?'.Ai interjected,'I know calculus' and Yu said,'I can't teach you what I don't know' Mi replied,'Of what use is calculus to me?'

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