Thursday, November 15, 2012

Church Service(In a very near future!)

With the insurgence of smartphones and rapid growth in technological development seen around anything can happen.Check out this joke I scrambled on:

PASTOR:Praise the Lord.
PASTOR:Can we please turn on out Tablet PCs,iPads,Cellphones,Kindle Fire Bibles to 1 Cor .13:13....!
And please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon...!
PASTOR:Let us pray committing this week into God's hands.Open your WhatsApp,BBM,Twitter and Facebook and chat with God.Come on...
(minutes later)
PASTOR:Please have your credit cards and debit cards ready as we shall now take tithes and offerings.You can log on to the church Wifi using your username and password.If you don't have one subscribe now.Meet with the ushers
(Ushers circulate mobile card swipe machines among the Congregation,Praise by the church choir)

PASTOR:Those who prefer to make electronic fund transfer are directed to computers at the rear of the church and those who prefer to use iPads allowed to flip them open.Those who prefer telephone banking are allowed to take out their cellphones to transfer funds to the church bank account!
The Holy atmosphere is truly electric as cellphones,iPads,PCs and laptops beep and flicker!
SECRETARY;This week's cell meetings shall be held on the various Facebook group pages where the usual group chatting takes place.
Please don't miss out.
Thursday's bible teachings will be held live on Skype at 1900hrs GMT.
Don't miss out.
You can follow the Pastor on twitter for words of admonition,counseling and prayers.
God bless you and have a wonderful week.

Opera 7 vs Ucweb 8.7

 Mathematically, 8.7 is greater than 7 (8.7 >7) but it goes more than just mathematical comparism for me to settle as a consumer that ucweb 8.7 is definitely better than opera 7.
Note that after this Opera will refer to Opera mine 7.0 and Ucweb will refer to Ucweb 8.7.
My argument:
Even though Opera mini 7 has tabbed browser,It is nothing compared to the amazing power experienced with Ucweb 8.7.When you open up to three tabs on Opera it hangs,as if that is not enough,the tabs that have been opened beforehand are closed by Opera.Now come to Ucweb,you get to open up to 14 tabs simultaneously without hassle.There is no loss of content on web pages.

Another plausible feature of Ucweb is the offline download feature(which has been incorporated in earler versions).What this feature does is that it fetches your download to the "ucweb cloud" and you download it.So you get faster downloads.

One other thing is the pause feature.When downloads stop on Opera you have to restart,but when such happens on Ucweb you just hit play and hopefully you get to start your download from where you stopped.

Opera is cool though because sometimes I still find myself going back but for now it is a YES for Ucweb.

N.B This article refers to browsers on java phones(j2me) such as nokia and the likes. 

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