Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A tale of broken touchscreens

Months ago there was a race for touchscreen phones (especially made in china android phones) in nigeria. Everyone was buying touchscreen phones ( I think we are better for it ). These days I see the same phones with the same set of people but something is different now. The screens are broken. When the phone gets a small crack the crack spreads and before you know it you have a perfectly cracked screen instead of a perfectly smooth screen. Look at the bright side though, your phone is now a beautiful work of art. It is no longer the phone you bought that resembles every other phone of the same model. Now you have your own personalized broken touchscreen phone.

To phone manufacturers
I get the idea that you want to make a cheap phone and you have to cut back on some components but make sure you are also making high end phones with better screens.

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