Monday, July 13, 2015

First bank airtime recharge: *894*amount#

GTBank started with *737*amount# for recharging and I have used it a lot until recently. I was happy when First bank introduced their own airtime rechare from bank account feature. I must say the idea is incredible. One thing I noticed about the first bank airtime recharge is the "Try again" message. In my experience with GTBank  until recently the airtime recharge is usually smooth. You type in the right keys and you get your airtime instantly. When  First bank  airtime recharge started giving me problem I decided to go back to GTBank only to find that they now have a "Try Again" page too. It is not a lottery you know, it is my money and the essence of software is for them to work and "make your life better". It worries me every time I have to borrow money from MTN when I have money in my bank account. And you know MTN will still collect interest on your recharge.

I am of the opinion that the underlying technology behind the airtime recharge feature is the faulty. They should work to make it better. It also seems  First bank  and GTBank are using the same service provider for their airtime recharge feature. I know things will get better but I need to recharge like right now and *737*amount# and *894*amount# is just not working. BUSTED.

Who knows maybe it is MTN that is causing this so that people will continue to use their borrow feature. Who knows.

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