Sunday, September 28, 2014

Poweramp and lyrics

I like poweramp, great design, it even plays mp4 and other video formats as audio cool.There was a day that I was singing

a song Titanium- David Guetta ft. Sia and in singing I murdered the lyrics, I got the lyrics wrong. Somewhere in the

chorus. I was corrected by my friends who said something like "don't you read the lyrics". Since then I was determined to

know the lyrics of songs. Well what is the point really of singing a song without knowing exactly what the singer was


Like I said, excellent app but where is the lyrics? I searched online and found out that I need to download musixmatch (a

whole new player) just to have lyrics on poweramp.

(IN MY MIND): Poweramp are you guys kidding?

I downloaded the musixmatch music player(with lyrics widget for apps like poweramp). It turns out the lyrics musixmatch

widget (well it is a widget) displays for poweramp is in a floating display, it is doesn't really blend with the design of

poweramp. It is just not cool.

Musixmatch here I come
I started using musixmatch even though it doesn't have all the features of poweramp but it particularly shines in some

respect-lyrics. The way it dispalys lyrics is really nice.And the MusicID, more on that later.

So it turns out that simply because poweramp doesn't allow lyrics in-app I have downloaded musixmatch and it looks like it

will remain that way for a while because both are brilliant app and I need those lyrics well presented.

It is just like yahoomail telling you to sign up for a gmail account to format email before sending it. YahooMail will be

like it is not our main business, we will focus on our strength. I will be like ?? Really?

Poweramp has very nice software designers, it is evident from the sophistication of the app and beauty of delivery just

that they have not done a perfect job with lyrics.

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