Friday, September 26, 2014

Google keep

Once upon a time...                                                
I have this android app called Notes on my phone and I use it to keep notes.

Being the adventurous type I tinker with my phone and lose my contacts,text messages and Notes.
Thanks to Gmail and FB sync I get my contacts back and others from Whatsapp.

Once upon a time + Then... x3 or more times

In my mind...                                              
Those were precious notes, how would I ever retrieve them? Is there a better way to keep them? Should I use a book? I need a cloud solution.                       

Tried a book...
Well I always have jotter.There is just something about being on the go and saving notes and looking up strange words in the dictionary.

Well, evernote is nice.It works pretty well but there is not way [1] my phone will run whatsapp,bbm and evernote together. I can't do without WhatsApp[2] so I just have to give up Evernote on my phone(I have an  account with Evernote)

I still have to keep notes.

Open Notes App...
Add a few notes
              Once upon a time and Then...

Two days ago...
A friend on FB listed his favourite apps and right there stood Google Keep.Immediately I saw it my mind went like:

Google Play App:
Search for Google Keep-Nothing (404)

Web browser ( :
Search for "Google Keep"-200

Read about google keep online
        Google keep works only on android 4.0 upwards

Are you kidding me?

Open web browser(pc) and use google keep. Cool!!

So google has decided to leave gingerbreaders [3] out of the loop on google keep.So what happened to android support library?

I will really like to see google keep work on Gingerbread.

             ***THE END***
[1] That is a lie, there is a way just not obvious.I will have to root my phone,create swop file with my memory card to increase phone's internal memory.
[2]Another lie. I can live without whatsapp but I choose not to. WhatsApp is cool.
[3] gingerbreader: In the context of this post this refers to android gingerbread users.

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