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[REVIEW] Wizkid: Sounds from the other side

Wizkid released his mixtape titled “Sounds from the other side” to much acclaim on 14th July 2017. Following successes in pushing his music to the international audience first with a remix of Ojuelegba by the Canadian pop star Drake then featuring on One dance by Drake in 2016. He moved on to featuring Drake on Come Closer a slow tempo song that has caught fire on international airwaves. He also featured Chris Brown, French Montana  and Trey Songz on Shabba. He continued to rack up international collaborations featuring on albums of foreign artistes and also releasing a track African Bad Girl featuring Chris Brown. He released Daddy Yo in early 2017, a reggae themed song that featured Wizkid himself as the “Daddy Yo”.  He then released Sweet love a love song which later formed part of his mixtape “Sounds from the other Side” This is a review of the overall experience of the Sounds from the other side tape.

Cover art
The cover art for the tape Sounds from the other side features a digital painting of the sideview of Wizkid’s head on a white background. This is an obvious interpretation of the “sounds from the other side” title since he is pictured facing sidewards. Having a white background resulting simplistic outlook for the whole design drew the attention of a number of design enthusiasts on twitter and other social platforms who claimed the album art is too simplistic for an artiste of Wizkid’s caliber.
The tracklist
Sounds from the other side has 12 tracks, four;Sweet love,Come Closer(ft Drake), African Bad Gyal(ft Chris Brown) and Daddy Yo which have been previously released. The featured artiste include Drake, Major Lazer, Ty Dollar Sign, Bucie and Trey Songz

Sweet Love
Sweet Love is a love song with a typical afrobeats sound and featuring wind such as saxophone and drums. An upbeat song. The song follows Wizkid as he asks for sweet love. The catch phrase in the songis “Give me sweet love, come give me sweet love”. He also samples Fela Anikulapo with lyrics from the shakara song. This is evident of his claim of drawing inspiration from greats such as Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He also had the unique opportunity of featuring the afrobeats living legend, Femi Anikulapo Kuti, the son of Fela Kuti on his Jaiye Jaiye song on his sophomore album titled Ayo.

Come Closer featuring Drake
This is a well produced song which draws much of its sound inspiration from pop and RNB. Drake came through on this track with the perfect lyrics and delivery.

Naughty Ride featuring Major Lazer
The sound is easy to jam and smooth flowing. Ride naughty ride my baby ride, ride, ride

African Bad Gyal featuring Chris Brown
This track produced by Sarz comes in with Wizkid signature sound from the Ayo album. There has been rumours that the track has been produced for over a year and only released recently. There is corroboration to this given that Wizkid’s current sound is marginally different from that on this track. Chris Brown gave an excellent delivery on his lyrics. Cool track. Sarz on the beat. Yeah , yeah.

Daddy Yo
Wizzy boy make me dance
Daddy Yo make me dance
Starboy Wizkid surprised everyone with this sound. A club song with a Jamaican vibe. Daddy Yo!
Bad boy wizzy

One For Me featuring Ty Dolla Sign
Cool song. Wizkid employed a small choir to deliver the chorus. Excellent delivery.

Picture Perfect
The lyrics to the song is easy to follow and the song is also easy to jam.
She fine like picture, Kodak

A slow tempo song telling a story of how far he can go for his girl

This track has Fela written all over it.  Wizkid goes into lyrical gyration similar to those of Fela. Sexy
He tells a story of finding a girl on the road, the girl coming with him and showing him love, playing with him and on an on… When you are with a woman, you wake up in the morning, tell her you love her, you need her ….

All For Love featuring Bucie
This is more of a South African sound. The sound is apart from those of the other tracks. Excellent delivery. 

Dirty Wine featuring Ty Dolla Sign
Cool song
Gbese(ft Trey Songz)
Gbese means debt. The lyrics simply goes on to say he can go into debt because of his girl.

Overall this is an excellent album and the sounds are drawn from various countries and genres with a spectacular collection of features.
PS: Sounds from the other side has been added to Sony Playstation playlist.
Starboy Wizkid!!!!!!!!!!
STFOS means Sounds From The Other Side


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