Sunday, February 8, 2015

Airtel unlimited whatsapp in the face of whatsapp calling feature

This article focuses on the airtel whatsapp bundle and the effect of the new whatsapp bundle on it.
Very soon the whatsapp calling feature will be available to everyone. We have all seen the threat whatsapp text messaging and other services like it pose to the traditional Short Message Service(SMS) offered by telecommunication networks. Some networks have gone ahead to diversify their business to weather this storm but we all know that in the area of text messaging whatsapp is winning along with us the end users, it is cheap. In my opinion the networks have lost in the SMS battle because I don't really mind if you send me a whatsapp message or an email or text message on my birthday all that matters is that you send me your best wishes.

Here comes the Whatsapp Call
This is really interesting because most of my friends are on whatsapp and it sounds like a brilliant idea to be able to call them from it.

Not a new idea
Calling is not new. There is skype there is bbm call but what makes this one interesting is the fact that airtel offers unlimited whatsapp internet access.

The problem
The problem with skype and bbm call and other variants of it (google hangout etc) around here is internet access. Yes, to a great extent there is internet penetration but at a high cost so it beats the motives. Why call someone or make a video call when it is expensive and you are not assured of the quality of service.

If airtel continues to offer unlimited whatsapp internet acess to its customers that is great news for the customers since one more problem has been removed from their life and they only have to worry about quality of service not price. What keeps me wondering is that airtel is not a charity organisation and if they continue to offer free whatsapp internet in the face of whatsapp calling they have to think up creative ways of making money.

Please note that free whatsapp internet here refers to almost free @NGN200 per month

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