Thursday, November 21, 2013

The cloud and you

Everyone knows what the word "cloud" means but not everyone knows the cloud I'm talking about in this article or everything about it contained here.
Have you ever sent a file to yourself via email just to have it saved? I guess so.I've done it before but not anymore. There are services online that gives you space to store files for free e.g  Dropbox , box, skydrive etc
All these services allow you to store files in the cloud and access the files anywhere no need for carrying flash drives or any other storage device around. If I were you I would be thinking "Why do I need to waste my internet bundle on uploading files that I will have to download later" That is a valid question.

Cloud download
Bad things happen sometimes one of which is downloading a huge file and then on reaching 90%, the download cancels. That is pathetic, quite sad, I feel your pain because I've been there. There are various services that allow you to dowload a file to the cloud before eventually downloading it to your device. One of them is Ucweb cloud download.

Ucweb Cloud download -mobile.
Ucweb cloud download works mostly on phones but you can access your files on desktop,just that you can't start a download from desktop.
The main advantage of using ucweb cloud download is that it makes sure that you get the file and don't spend more than the required internet bundle to do so. This comes in handy with people who buy internet bundles of 10Mb and want to download a 5Mb.You know that it so happens where there is poor network service that downloads break and some downloads don't resume after breaking. When you use ucweb download you are assured of download resumes. Ucweb cloud download offers free permanent 2Gb permanent data storage and an additional 4gb temporary storage valid for 7days.After 7days any file left in the temporary storage folder will be wiped out.

Google Chrome-CloudSave 
CloudSave is an awesome extension exclusive to Chrome web browser available on the Google Chrome Store.It allows you to save files directly to your cloud storage e.g,dropbox and a whole lot of others.All you have to do with cloudsave is to right-click (or left-click if you are a left-handed) on the download link, choose CloudSave and your cloud storage provider and your download will start.
That is the address of the website. The webpage is quite simple,paste the link to the file you want to download and click on the your cloud storage provider.
There is also an addon Send to my cloud for mozilla (I have not tested this).

If you don't use torrents skip this
Torrents are not created equal neither are network service providers
If you have ever used torrents you can testify that some torrents are pretty slow and sitting with them is so not cool. The following are online services that allow you to download torrents and pick the resulting files when they are finished.
1.Login with email/Login with facebook 
2.Upload your torrent file/paste the magnet link
3.Start download 
4.Download completed
5.Download your files
This is a premium service it is not free but it is superfast.The one day test service goes for $1.Calm down you don't lose your files at the end of the day.You can come back to download it.
Similar to you to download files instantly from 89 filehosting services like mediafire etc and also comes with  a 100Gb cloud storage facility.

So you use git to manage your code...
Here comes Cloud9
It is an online IDE very useful for developers that have internet access to manage it.Clone your project from github/bitbucket,edit ,push to your repo and push to heroku,sweet.It also allows you to collaborate with other developers (say you are working on a project together).It has chat for collaboration.

And then there is evernote.I've not tried that yet but it sounds quite promising.

Lol line:
I hope I've been able to confuse and not convince you that the cloud is good for your health.

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